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Questions and answers about Shungite


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Shungite is a special stone, given to us from ancient times, to accompany and protect us through life through countries and cultures.

Here on our website we give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the information about the shungite. Shungite, shungite purified water, elite shungite - we have collected detailed information for you on these topics. In our blog about shungite you can ask us questions and exchange opinions with other people interested in shungite.

The assortment of elite shungite and products made of shungite offered by us was formed from many years of experience in the trade in this stone. Here you will find shungite and an elite shungite of various shapes and sizes. Shungite powder, crushed stone, and exclusive stones - all of our products meet strict requirements, so our company leaves only the highest quality products. We also regularly monitor in Karelia the choice of raw stone and the manufacture of our products from shungite.

With each trip to Karelia, our admiration for Karelian culture grew. We transfer it to you in our products, for example, in litter and breast pouches. The combination of shungite with traditional Karelian linen embroidery is unique and amazing.


What gives us the action of shungite?

Shungite fascinates people for centuries. His unusually strong vital energy is used primarily for water purification and radiation protection. In Europe, shungite is known not so long ago, but at home in Karelia shungite has been successfully used in many spheres of life for several hundred years.

  • How does shungite function?

It is known that water absorbs information and passes it on. When cleaning the water - they also say "revitalization" - the shungite is immersed in water for a certain time. At the same time, the information, which the stone absorbed in millions of years, is transmitted to the water. Water conveys positive information further to humans, animals or plants. This affects them positively and life-giving.

When protecting from radiation, something similar happens: the rays around the stone are not shielded: radiation from devices such as mobile phones, WLAN-routers or geo-pathogenic interference zones is minimal due to shungite. These rays near the stone are not so harmful to us. The reason for this is especially strong vital energy of the stone.

  • Is it possible to measure the effect of shungite?

In experiments with various means, including a pendulum or a one-handed rod, you can visually demonstrate positive changes. In this case, the conversion of the left-handed energy into dextrorotatory energy was established. However, it is not possible to express the action of shungite in units of measurement of classical physics. Therefore, it is considered until now scientifically unproven.

  • Shungite for very sensitive people.

People, who very intensely perceive sensory signals and emotions, often suffer from this energy. They have to handle a very large amount of information, which can lead to rapid fatigue. Emotionally saturated day can also disturb sleep.

To better cope with everyday agitation and sleep peacefully and relaxed, please, use shungite. If you wear a shungite with you in the form of an amulet, a necklace or a bracelet, you will feel better and more balanced. Even a small shungite stone can effectively protect us from rays and negative energy. Therefore, even for very sensitive people, the use of shungite can mean positive changes.


  • Has a soft effect, but is felt on the energy level.

Shungite is not a miracle cure or a universal remedy for all diseases, but at the energy level it provides strong protection. Energy recovery is often critical to the recovery process. Of course, shungite does not replace medical treatment, but it can provide effective assistance and protection. In life there are times when help can play an important and even decisive role. When using shungite, pay attention to what you feel at the same time. You will quickly understand how it is better for you to use shungite, at what time and how often.

About the uses of shungite there is a lot of serious and useful information on the Internet and in the literature. It is important to understand it if a person wants to achieve a certain goal. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the sensations and signals of one's own organism in order to rationally and effectively use the vital energy of shungite. Start with the information that seems most appropriate to you.

We are also always happy to offer stones to our customers personally. In our warehouse in Würzburg you can see, choose and take with you our stones and products from shungite. Whether you choose a stone with a one-handed rod or just your inner sense will tell you, you cannot resist its strength and energy.

We hope that you will be able to find all the necessary information on our website. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Your contact person is Monday through Friday from 14:00 to 17:00:

Sven Strecker